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Epoxy Garage Floor Prep

Epoxy Garage Floor Prep

Concrete Floor Cleaner

Cleaning the concrete with Car Guys Prep is an important first step in any 100% Solids Epoxy coating application. Car Guys Prep not only serves as a concrete floor cleaner, to remove debris and stains from the concrete, but it also etches the floor for proper adhesion of the 100% Solids Epoxy.

Simply scrub Car Guys Prep into the concrete using a push broom or mop and rinse the cleaner away.

Car Guys Prep is an organic salt compound that is very user friendly and will not harm plants, grass, or black top driveways.

Note: floor prep is included in the epoxy flooring kits. Only purchase this stand-alone product if you are in need of additional solution.

Available in 1 Quart or 5 gallon pail

Also available: Car Guys Strip

Price: $12.95 


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