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Concrete Floor Patch

Concrete Floor Patch

Car Guys Patch is a heavy duty compression strength floor repair patch for damaged concrete. It is important to smooth and repair the concrete to eliminate any pitting, dipping or damage prior to any epoxy application.

Available in 12 Sq/ft, 24 Sq/ft and 240 Sq/ft quantities.

If a smooth showroom surface is desired, use Flexible Joint Sealer to fill expansion joints and Car Guys Fill is perfect for smaller crack repairs.

Price: $64.00 


Crack and Pit Filler (50 Linear ft.)
Car Guys Fill (50 Linear ft.)
Flexible Joint Sealer
Flexible Joint Sealer
Non-Slip Fleck
Car Guys Fleck
Extra Epoxy (400 Sq. Ft.)
Extra Epoxy (480 Sq. Ft.)