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Non-Slip Fleck

Non-Slip Fleck

Car Guys Fleck

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Adding Car Guys Fleck to epoxy flooring will create an anti-slip finish while providing the application with a decorative appeal. Car Guys Fleck can aid to hide any imperfections, while adding a visual balance to any project area.

Also available: UV Epoxy Top Coat

You can choose from 12 colors and mix as many as 3 in each order. Sizes range from 350 sq ft. to 2000 sq ft.

Select up to 3 Fleck Colors
Select the fleck colors you would like to include (up to 3).
Black [Add $0.00]

Dark Blue [Add $0.00]

Gray [Add $0.00]

Green [Add $0.00]

Light Blue [Add $0.00]

Orange [Add $0.00]

Red [Add $0.00]

Rust [Add $0.00]

White [Add $0.00]

Yellow [Add $0.00]

Customized Price: $22.49