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Epoxy Starter Training Kit

Epoxy Starter Training Kit

Product Instructions
Epoxy Starter Training Kit

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Before you spend a good amount of your time and money to install our epoxy flooring system, we want you to have the opportunity to try out the product. This kit starts you off with the basic items you will need to get used to working with epoxy, so you will feel more comfortable working with it on a bigger scale.

You can also use this kit to experiment with new techniques before diving into a real project. Using this kit first will help reduce the risk of a “problem project,” and is an economical way for you to experiment on a small scale.

Materials Include:
  • 2 Epoxy Samplers (choose your colors)
  • 2 trim brushes
  • 10 pieces of Card Stock to experiment on.
  • 2 6oz. baggies of Muscle Fleck (1 black and 1 white)
  • 1 6oz. baggie of Non-Skid Grip
  • 2 pairs of Vinyl Gloves
  • 1 Instruction Guide

In addition to all the above materials and resources, we encourage you to view our blog posts for more information, advanced application techniques, and general epoxy tips. If you have any additional questions we have not answered, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions!

red epoxy
dark blue epoxy
gold epoxy
white epoxy
light gray epoxy
dark gray epoxy
black epoxy

Price: $39.95 

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Non-Slip Fleck
Car Guys Fleck