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Epoxy Basement Floor Paint Benefits

Have a dingy basement in need of some TLC? Epoxy flooring is a great solution for homeowners looking to spruce up dull, worn concrete floors while leaving a finish that can withstand heavy traffic and last for years without re-coating. Not only can this type of concrete floor treatment increase the value of your house by making your basement a more inviting area for potential buyers, but it also creates a more usable recreational space for you and your family for as long as you own your house.

With low odor and low VOC emissions, epoxy floor coatings have been proven safe and effective for refinishing indoor flooring as well as garages, and Car Guys epoxy kit comes in a variety of colors and finishes allowing them to match any chosen decor.

With Car Guys Flooring do-it-yourself kit, homeowners can easily and afford-ably transform their basement floors with just a few hours of work, and with just one application they will be protecting the underlying concrete from any future damage or erosion– once applied and allowed to cure, epoxy floor coating is harder and more durable than regular concrete and allows for easy clean up because its density makes it resistant to staining from fluids such as oils and chemicals.

By choosing a lighter color for a basement floor, an epoxy coating can give the impression of a brighter, more open environment to even small areas, and improve cleanliness and functionality of the space for laundry use, a childs play area, gym, or family room.

The key to successful basement flooring application is to prep the area before you coat to ensure that it has been thoroughly cleaned so that the epoxy will properly adhere to the concrete. Also, if you’re basement has areas of frequent dampness, epoxy flooring will not be able to attach to the concrete while it is wet or if the moisture is making its way through the concrete from below. However, it can be used to effectively seal and waterproof the area against future moisture by sinking into the concrete and forming a solid protective layer.