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Clear Coat Sealant: A Thing of the Past with Car Guys Epoxy Floor Systems

For many homeowners, applying a do-it-yourself epoxy floor system can seem like more hassle than it’s worth, with the cleaning, initial application, and garage floor sealant to finish things off. With multiple applications there is more room for error, and you can run into trouble by not letting the epoxy thoroughly dry before applying the top coat, leading to a floor that is continually tacky and easily scraped and damaged.

Clear coat systems are also problematic in that they do not allow for as strong a bond with the concrete surface as a single thick chemical cure coating, which can mean damage, flaking and reapplication down the road. In addition, the clear coat that so many epoxy floor systems swear by is actually such a thin layer of protection that it is easily chipped and eroded through heavy use. It can also be slippery, necessitating aluminum chips to counter this effect. Moreover, when the clear coat is damaged, it is necessary to re-coat the entire floor in order to get a uniform finish.

Luckily, with our specially-formulated all-in-one epoxy floor system, we take the effort out of epoxy flooring application by using an advanced, single-application system that is actually better for your floor than the multi-step formulations on the market. Our system consists of one 100% solids epoxy layer, which makes for one of the hardest and most durable finishes available to consumers. Its 24 hour controlled cure time allows for a slow penetration of the concrete surface, meaning maximum adhesion once it’s dry, and the strength to withstand heavy traffic without any evidence of wear and tear. It also stands up in aesthetic value compared to clear coat systems by providing a high-gloss finish and built-in UV inhibitor to protect your floor from damage and discoloration over time.