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Four Great Tips for DIY Epoxy Flooring Success

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and improve your garage floor with a do-it-yourself epoxy coating kit, but have no experience applying epoxy? Here are a few quick tips to review before you get started on your flooring project.
  1. Buddy up: Technically you can apply an epoxy floor all by yourself, but for first timers it can be helpful to have at least one other person to help with the prep and application. In some cases, newbies are so eager to get started that they skimp on properly cleaning the concrete before applying the epoxy coating, making for uneven distribution and problems with coating adhesion down the line. By having a buddy or two on hand you’ll cut the cleaning and application time in half, and have an extra set of eyes to ensure a smooth even floor finish.
  3. Surface prep is the key to success: Before you even think about getting out your rollers, you must ensure that the surface is clean and ready for application. In order for the epoxy to properly absorb and bond to the concrete, it must be free of oils, waxes, stains, and coatings. A good way to test your concrete’s surface is to pour water on it and check for any areas where the liquid beads up or takes a long time absorbing into the floor—these areas will have to be treated before you can continue. Cracks and holes must also be addressed before treatment as well as any areas of dampness and moisture intrusion.
  5. Break out the power washer: Grease and oil stains can be very difficult to treat, requiring multiple rounds with hot water and a pressure washer before they are completely removed. A great way to significantly improve your chance of a trouble free application is by using our flooring prep, which are specially formulated for just this type of project.
  7. Think of the investment: When budgeting for your epoxy floor, keep in mind that the higher the quality of materials the better result you will get. Try not to skimp to save a few dollars now by buying discount epoxy kits from your local home improvement store, because you will make up the difference in resale value down the line.