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Our Epoxy Installation Process – It’s Just That Easy

With our Car Guys Flooring kit, customers receive every single item necessary to tackle their do-it-yourself epoxy installation from start to finish. Our company aims to make each buyer’s experience as simple as possible, ensuring that a single afternoon of effort results in a long-lasting, professional grade floor they can enjoy for years to come. Here’s how it works:

The purchase process: The first thing customers must do is select a base and fleck color for your epoxy floor. By experimenting with our online interactive floor designer, you can select from the 7 base colors, with a choice of up to three different flecks. There are endless color combinations to choose from, making your selection a highly individualized choice able to integrate with any existing décor.

Once you have placed your order, you merely have to wait for your product to ship. Your estimated shipping date will be provided upon ordering, and once you receive your package you have everything on hand to start the installation process.

Installing: First you will want to use our included flooring prep, to ensure your concrete surface is clean able to form the tightest bond possible with the epoxy flooring. Once the floor is completely dry, you can move onto your next step, which includes mixing the epoxy to start its chemical reaction and applying it evenly to your surface, making sure to reach the outside edges. The epoxy will remain smooth and easy to work with for approximately 30 minutes, however most installs will only take 15 minutes. Our formula includes a 24 hour cure time ensuring the strongest bond possible with the concrete below, making for a more durable coating through the coming years.