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How Epoxy Resin Flooring Creates a Safe Workspace

When choosing what type of floor finish to put in your garage or workspace, epoxy resin flooring has the edge over other models when it comes to safety. It is not only an affordable solution, but will also protect your concrete floor for years to come while improving its appearance and performance. Here are several key ways epoxy resin flooring can make a difference in your home or industrial work area.
  1. Epoxy floor finishes have been proven to keep a work environment cleaner, due to their inability to absorb oils or chemicals that would otherwise permanently stain a concrete surface. They are easy to clean and maintain, and will last for years creating a healthy workspace free of contaminants.
  3. With lighter colors, the reflectivity of epoxy resin flooring means they can brighten up a work area by up to 300 percent, creating a well-lit area where it is easy to see and work on projects without having to resort to additional energy-draining lighting options.
  5. With non-slip options such as epoxy fleck, epoxy resin flooring reduces the danger of slippage on floors when working. This will decrease the risk of injury while on the job, and allow you to proceed confidently when working on its surface.
  7. Some buyers use epoxy resin paints to delineate different work areas within an office or garage, creating directional markings to keep workers within their designated areas and away from hazards and the danger of bumping into co-workers.
  9. Epoxy flooring finishes also protect the underlying concrete surface from chemical corrosion which could lead to floor damage, and prove hazardous to workers who have to walk across its surface.