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Tools You Need To Get The Job Done

An epoxy floor paint is one of the best ways to get a shiny, slip-resistant, durable surface. Combining the resin and hardening agents produces a hard epoxy coating that can withstand spills, fluctuating temperatures and heavy traffic without showing signs of wear and tear. Fortunately, the distinctiveness found in epoxy flooring doesn’t mean that the application process is laden with complicated steps. Besides the epoxy compound itself, there are only a few tools that are required for proper installation.

In preparing the floor for epoxy application, the number of tools needed varies depending on how much repair the floor needs. First, regardless of its condition, the floor needs to be cleaned. Using a product that removes grit and mortar, the floor should be scrubbed of excess buildup with a push broom or mop. This step is necessary in order for the epoxy to properly adhere to the floor. Car Guys Flooring offers a flooring prep solution that is a non-corrosive, water diluted, concrete etching compound that completely removes anything that will hinder a tight bond between the floor and the epoxy.

If your floor has no structural damage, then after cleaning it you’re ready to use a squeegee to lay the epoxy floor coating. However, if you notice cracking and missing pieces, then you’ll have to repair that area prior to epoxy application. Repairing the floor ensures that when an epoxy coating is applied it has a smooth, even surface to bond with. There are numerous types of reparative tools ranging from patching, to fillers, to stripping gel, to sealers each of these will tackle a specific problem area and comes with the instruments (rollers, caulking tubes, etc.) needed to administer them.

Along with the assorted items needed to accurately lay epoxy floor paint, there is also protective gear that should be donned. Since curing epoxy is a chemical reaction, it should not come into contact with skin. In order to maintain safety, those laying epoxy should be sure to have goggles, a face mask, work gloves, long pants and long sleeves on hand.

Instead of trying to figure out what store will have every tool you need for epoxy laying, select a ready-made kit that includes everything you’ll need to prepare and lay an epoxy floor. Make sure you get the flooring preparation solution, epoxy and flooring flecks, rollers, pads, goggles and gloves in the kit you select.