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Modernizing your Backyard Pool Area

Whether building a new poolside area or looking to update your current style, there are many ways to bring some extra life into your backyard sanctuary. By focusing on these few key touches, you can easily and affordably create an environment that will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Cabana:A great way to add convenience to your pool area is by installing an attractive cabana poolside to store towels and equipment, and also provide an area for guests to change in and out of their swimwear. There are several companies on the market today offering prefabricated cabanas with many differing designs and price points to suit any need. Some can be assembled at home in an afternoon, while other companies offer full-service installation along with delivery.

Furniture:Poolside furniture requires both versatility and the ability to withstand the elements –think lightweight luxurious loungers for easy movement, topped off with water resistant fabric and cushions. A simple bistro table for two with umbrella provides watchful parents with a comfortable perch, and also proves an inviting breakfast nook before a morning swim. In addition, an end table on casters means a convenient place to set refreshments and valuables, and a storage bench provides extra seating and a place to keep foam floats, toys, and goggles.

Lighting: Enjoy a night under the stars accented with popular outdoor lighting options such as LED-fed cordless patio lanterns or multi-colored solar lamps. In addition, add some spark to your evening with outdoor tiki torches fueled by gas, citronella oil, or propane. These torches come in a wide variety of designs from the traditional long slim stems, to the more updated candelabra style, or stout bowl version.

Deck: When it comes to the pool deck, it’s safety first. Fortunately with the wide variety of colorful epoxy coating options available, homeowners won’t have to compromise on style when looking for non-slip concrete treatment. An epoxy finish with anti-slip fleck is a great way to add flair to an uninspired concrete deck, offering a durable, clean, glossy finish that will protect the underlying stone from water damage and also resist any stains or spills that may occur. By choosing colors such as whites, greens, or blues, you can add to the oasis-like feel of your poolside escape, or with darker options you can create a modern, sleek retreat. Epoxy coatings are often able to withstand the elements and extreme temperatures in almost any state, and can last decades before requiring replacement.