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How to Choose an Epoxy Kit

One of the hassles that can arise when completing a renovation project is multiple trips to hardware stores to find the right equipment. Almost inevitably, there will be items that you’ve either forgotten to purchase or items that you didn’t purchase, not knowing you needed them. That’s why it’s more efficient to get everything you need from one place, even better if it’s in a ready-made kit.

Here at Car Guys Flooring, we provide epoxy flooring kits that include every component necessary to install a new floor. We pride ourselves on offering a professional-grade flooring epoxy in one bundle so that our customers know they’re getting everything to do the job from start to finish. So, you’ve decided you want an epoxy floor and want to know which kit is right for you. Read on.

Each of our flooring kits come with all of the materials needed for proper execution (epoxy, flooring prep, anti-slip fleck and a manual). In the kits we also include the hardware necessary to properly, and safely, lay the floor (rollers, mixers, goggles, gloves). So, when choosing a kit, it really comes down to the size of the area where you plan to apply the floor. To determine this, you can either measure your garage for square footage or go based on the number of cars it holds (on our website we display both methods in our product section).

In our “Epoxy Flooring Products” section, we have a breakdown of which kit will best fit a certain garage size. We also list the quantity of materials that comes with each kit as well as the number of tools. And, though we do the work for you, you can compare the quantities of each kit to get a feel for the differences for each garage size. Offering four different accommodations, Car Guys Flooring has epoxy kits for single car garages (about 200 sq. ft) up to our master kit (about 1,600 sq. ft.) and everything in between. And, even if the ready-made kits don’t offer quite enough coverage, you can still purchase extra epoxy paint directly from our site.

Even with our fail-safe, everything-included kits, we still have a way for you to add some pizzazz to your epoxy garage floor - flooring flecks. These decorative acrylic coating chips and anti-skid flecks come with all of our flooring kits and, best of all, they are available in a myriad of colors. Checking out the Interactive Floor Designer tool on our website can assist you in selecting the right basecoat and fleck color for your garage floor epoxy.