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Humidity’s Effects on Epoxy Garage Flooring

A question we hear quite often is, “how does humidity effect the application of epoxy to my garage floor?” In this post we will provide some simple guidelines will ensure that your epoxy floor application goes smoothly.

Installation Tips

  1. Allow the concrete in your garage to dry completely after you’ve washed your floor and applied the Car Guys Flooring Prep. Often times concrete can appear dry to the naked eye, buy still contain moisture. If there is any doubt, give it more time to dry! Your patience will pay off in the long-run when your beautiful epoxy floor lasts for years, maintenance-free.
  3. Ideally, apply your epoxy floor when the relative humidity is under 75%. Installing in this environment will not only ensure that your epoxy floor dries quickly and is ready to use in a short period of time, but also that a tight bond is formed with the concrete that will help the floor last for years to come.
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