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Places to Use Epoxy Flooring

Over the years epoxy flooring has grown from solely industrial uses such as protective garage and factory flooring, to a popular choice for an increasing number of business owners and homeowners, using it for a wide variety of areas. Its strong, smooth, stain-resistant surface makes it an ideal choice for high traffic areas around a home or business requiring easy-to-install, easy-to-clean work surfaces.

Kitchens and bathrooms: Household areas that may come into frequent contact with cleansers, chemicals, and foreign particles are ideal for epoxy flooring which can serve as a durable, waterproof alternative to tile or linoleum which can trap debris between edges, and allow for seepage beneath the surface. Most of today’s epoxy flooring kits offer a wide variety of color options to effectively match and enhance any household décor.

Basements: Epoxy flooring is a great way to enhance a dingy basement, creating a clean, bright hard-wearing surface that can stand up to heavy traffic while protecting and waterproofing the area against outside moisture. By choosing to coat with a lighter color, homeowners can create the impression of a brighter, larger room, enhancing the atmosphere and making it a more livable space.

Hair Salons, pet kennels and groomers: Businesses requiring frequent chemical usage, and removal of debris can benefit from an epoxy floor which will make it easier to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for visitors.

Stores and restaurants: Storage areas, walk-in refrigerators, and wine cellars can benefit from an epoxy flooring which will create a permanent stain-proof, waterproof coating for surfaces that may come into contact with liquids and spillage. An epoxy coating will also provide protection for inventory against basement moisture and leaking, and limited protection against fire damage. You can also give your retail environment a sleek showroom quality floor finish by choosing an epoxy to better display your wares without distraction.

Manufacturing areas: Some epoxy finishes can be applied to walls in addition to flooring, creating a hygienic space for product manufacturing. These areas are easy to clean and maintain, without the risk of contamination from particles accumulating within cracks and grout, and also seal against outside drafts and leaks.