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Go Green with DIY Flooring Kits

Epoxy flooring is making its mark on the building community as a durable and attractive way to protect both indoor and outdoor surfaces. However, what many homeowners may not know is that epoxy floors are also a ‘green’ building material, offering many environmental benefits over its competitors. Here’s the rundown of eco-friendly assets epoxy finish brings to the table:
  1. By doing some research, homeowners will see that many epoxy flooring systems meet the LEED standards for low VOC emissions, making them safe for indoor and outdoor use without the danger of toxic off-gassing that can damage indoor air supply as well as the environment.
  3. By applying an epoxy coating to older concrete surfaces, homeowners can prolong their use, instead of tearing them away to be replaced with a fresh one. This is a green solution because it takes away the need to clog up landfills with refuse from renovation products, and also saves the materials and energy that would be expended tearing up the old floor and putting in the replacement.
  5. Floors with an epoxy coating can easily be cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals, and they do not need to be waxed or polished afterwords to protect their surface. This saves in the amount of chemicals a homeowner will need to purchase that would eventually make their way into local water systems.
  7. Due to the reflective qualities of lighter floor treatments, less indoor lighting and energy will be required to illuminate rooms, and rooftop treatments will protect against excess heat absorption during sunny days, making for greener, more energy efficient buildings.
  9. Because of its fast and efficient installation process, epoxy floor coating take much less time and energy to install than many other flooring options, and require no additional power tools, sanders, polishers, or varnishes to fit them into the space or smooth them into a usable surface.