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Epoxy Flooring vs. Hot Car Tires

WheelWhen homeowners are considering what kind of flooring to install in their garage, they may worry about the effect of hot car tires on their coated surface. Hot tire pickup can happen for a number of reasons, including if the underlying concrete wasn’t properly prepared before coverage, when using a two-coat product the base coat hasn’t firmly adhered to an undercoat, if the base coat is from a water-based product that wasn’t allowed to dry completely before the second application, or if the product simply buckles under the high temperature.

Unlike many other floorings on the market, our two part epoxy paint is uniquely equipped to deal with this issue, and can stand up to hot tires without exhibiting the stress suffered by other products.

First, in our DIY kit we include instructions on proper concrete cleaning and repair, along with a cleaner to ensure that your concrete is perfectly primed before applying the two part epoxy paint.

Our product requires only a single coat in order to get the best protection on the market, and includes a UV inhibitor so that there is no need for a clear coat to guard against sun exposure. With a single coat, there is no danger of improper adhesion between the layers, leaving you with a one-step application firmly bonded to the concrete, and a solid single layer of protection on top.

In addition, we use only 100 percent solids in our epoxy, meaning no water or solvents are added that could lead to troublesome shrinkage or improper adhesion if they don’t dry properly after application, or in between coats. With our single-layer kit of epoxy paint, formulated for a long cure time in order to thoroughly sink into the concrete before drying, we can guarantee buyers the most solid, durable surface available, able to stand up to regular hot tire wear without exhibiting any ill effects.