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No Rush, Epoxy Stays Fresh

Just because a product is durable doesn’t always mean that this durability translates into a long shelf-life. Sometimes products are only reliable if they are used almost immediately after purchase. Luckily, epoxy flooring doesn’t fall into that category.

At Car Guys Flooring, we offer a no-hassle epoxy kit that contains all of the materials necessary to prepare the floor and apply an epoxy application. Our ready-made kit stores the epoxy in separate containers, labeled Part A and Part B, and will remain that way until the purchaser decides to apply the flooring. Part A houses the epoxy resin and Part B, the hardener. Once these two are combined, the chemical reaction begins immediately - so in our user manual we caution that unless you’re ready to begin applying the floor, the two chemicals must be left in their respective containers.

Generally speaking, in a closed, separated state (meaning since the resin and hardener are in different vessels), epoxy can remain fresh for 1 year after we have sealed it. This is good news, because the garage often gets put on the backburner - a lot! So, if you purchase one our kit and forget about it for months on end, rest assured that once you brush off the settled dust, the kit will still be usable.

The same principle applies to the epoxy storage when it comes to postponing application due to weather. It’s easy to stock up on home improvement materials when the weather is perfect, and we have grandiose plans to complete your epoxy coating before the season turns. But, there’s really no need to stall your purchase until the weather is ideal. You can buy our kit and wait until the temperature is within the acceptable range (not above 90F) before applying it. Just be sure you don’t allow Part A and Part B to become frozen while you wait for perfect conditions, if you buy the kit during the winter months.

Even though epoxy is said to have a shelf life of 1 year, there are websites and online forums where detailed information is presented on how you can check your epoxy for viability if it is older than a year. Some forums discuss using epoxy that is more than 2 years old. So, don’t immediately throw old epoxy floor paint away - go online and check out the steps to see if your stash can be salvaged.