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General Product Questions

Installation & Technical Questions

What should I look for in a garage flooring product?

We consider four key elements when determining the quality of a garage floor epoxy finish:

  1. Chemical Composition & Quality – Is it a true, 2-part, commercial grade epoxy that will resist peeling and staining?
  2. Kit Completeness – Do you get everything you need to make your install day pain-free (without five trips to the hardware store)?
  3. Color Options – Is there more than just a few standard colors to choose from?
  4. Coverage - Does the kit include enough epoxy for a thick, reliable application?

We’ve constructed our kit to excel in these four categories, to ensure that your high-gloss garage floors come out looking showroom-perfect.

Why is Car Guys Epoxy Flooring better than other garage floor finishes?

Car Guys Flooring is a two-component product that when mixed together forms a 100% solids epoxy concrete floor finish. Car Guys Flooring is superior to floor paints and other coatings because epoxies form a harder, denser, more durable film than either paint or urethane based coatings. Car Guys Flooring is also superior to other epoxy type floor coatings because it is 100% solids instead of a thinner water-based mixture. In addition, our Easy Drop system is the most user friendly on the market today!

Do I need to recoat my concrete floor every year with this epoxy finish?

No, Car Guys Flooring is a hard, durable surface that will last for several years under normal circumstances.

How does Car Guys Epoxy Flooring work?

Car Guys Flooring includes two components that when mixed together, start a chemical reaction (polymerization) changing the liquid mixture into the hard, durable, dense chemically resistant epoxy film that remains. Car Guys Flooring’s controlled cure time (24 hours) allows a slow penetration of the concrete surface, tightly bonding the epoxy coating to the concrete.

Why should I install epoxy finish on my garage floor?

Unprotected concrete floors will wear, become stained by oils and fluids, and be damaged by the corrosive effects of snow and ice melting chemicals such as rock salt. Car Guys Flooring epoxy protects concrete from wear because it is actually harder and more durable than the concrete itself. The hard durable epoxy coating is so dense that oils and fluids cannot penetrate its surface to soak in and cause staining. Car Guys Flooring is also impervious to the corrosive effects of rock salt.

Will Car Guys Epoxy floor finish scratch?

Yes, it can be scratched if heavy objects are dragged across its surface. However, under normal conditions the epoxy floor should not scratch.

What will sunlight do to Car Guys epoxy floor finishes?

Car Guys Flooring contains an ultraviolet inhibitor that reduces the damaging effects of sunlight to the finish. Ultraviolet radiation (a component of sunlight) will cause most floor coatings to blush or fade, but the inhibitor reduces these effects greatly.

What will hot tires do to Car Guys epoxy floor finishes?

Tires heated from normal driving will not affect the Car Guys Flooring finish. However, it can be affected by the deliberate spinning of tires on the surface.

How do I clean an epoxy floor finish?

It is important to avoid using regular household soaps. When mixed with water, they can create a slippery surface and leave a filmy residue. It is recommended to use a soft, non-abrasive bristled scrub brush and a non-abrasive cleaning compound. Once the epoxy coating is clear of any dirt or stains, be sure and rinse off the debris and any cleaning compound that was used. It is safe to use a pressure washer on the epoxy finish.

Will the epoxy finish peel?

Peeling epoxy should not be a problem for years to come as long as the proper steps are taken to prep the floor. If care is not taken to clean and remove any stains or you have areas where moisture manages to come through the concrete from underneath, peeling is possible.

What does 100% solids epoxy mean?

100% solids epoxy refers to the volume and the total percentage of solids in your floor coating. Car Guys Flooring is not diluted with a water or a solvent base, it is 100% solids. This gives you a very durable coating, because unlike a water based product, there is no product shrinkage. You are getting the best in terms of adhesion and durability with the Car Guys Flooring system.

How much coverage does the DIY Epoxy Kit include?

We recently read a story about a customer purchasing a kit from one of our competitors and being told to “squeegee and roll the heck out of it” to get the kit to cover his entire garage. The installation sounded like a mess, and we want to make sure that this never happens to one of our customers. We send you enough product to cover your garage without having to spread it thin.

Why doesn’t Car Guys epoxy have a clear coat?

Our epoxy simply does not need a clear coat. A single coat is extremely high-gloss and contains a built-in UV inhibitor, which is what most other epoxy kit top coats are applying. Since you need to let the first coat dry for 12-24 hours, having an extra coat to apply turns this from a one day project into a multiple day project.

Installation & Technical Questions

How do I install Car Guys Epoxy Flooring?

We are very happy to offer our customers what we call a “drop system”. What this means is there is no measuring required during the process. Simply pour one can into the other, mix, and pour the entire contents onto the garage floor right away. Visit our epoxy coatings installation guide for more detailed instructions.

How long will my epoxy garage floor finish take to install?

The part that will vary from one project to the next is the prep work, since some floors may require patching or extra effort to clean tough stains or old epoxy. Once that task is complete, the epoxy application will generally need to be completed within a half hour of mixing the two parts and you will want to give it 24 hours to dry thoroughly.

Should I use a squeegee or roller to apply Car Guys Epoxy floor finish?

Car Guys Flooring goes on easily using the rollers that we provide to you in our kit. Our new 480 square foot kit includes a 24 inch flat squeegee to easily and evenly spread the epoxy coating.

Can I run short during my epoxy finish install?

Of course, this is possible for a variety of reasons but, as long as you have estimated the square footage properly, the Car Guys Flooring kit is carefully sized up so there should be plenty to complete the job. It is always important to over compensate with the amount of epoxy your project will need, this way you will always have enough and won’t have to worry about ordering more. However, if you find you are running short, we have extra epoxy paint available so you can finish the job.

How should I apply the anti-slip fleck?

By using a broadcast method (putting a handful of fleck in your hand, and doing an underhanded toss upward), you will be able to create an even distribution of fleck across your floor. You can broadcast by hand or use a hand held seed spreader for a more even broadcast. It is highly recommended to wear spike shoes during the application of the epoxy and the anti-slip fleck. The shoes allow you to walk on the wet epoxy during the fleck application and they are included in our kit.

Why does the garage floor need to be prepared?

Floor preparation is crucial to the proper installation of Car Guys Flooring. The epoxy floor coating will not be able to penetrate and bond to concrete in areas where oil or fluid contamination has occurred. A worn floor may have loose mortar and/or an insufficient profile to assure proper epoxy bonding. The use of Car Guys Flooring Cleaner and Car Guys Flooring Prep will remove many of the contaminants and also provide a “profile” for the epoxy to adhere to.

Can I put Car Guys Flooring epoxy finish over pre-existing coatings?

Car Guys Flooring performs best when applied to a clean, rough and untreated surface. Applying our epoxy over existing coatings is not recommended ad our product is not bonding to the concrete like it was designed. If the existing coating peels our product will peel with it, as that is what our coating is adhering to. We have a floor stripper called Car Guys Flooring Strip to handle removal. In cases where the coating cannot be removed a sanding of the floor can create a proper profile for the Car Guys coating.

Why does Car Guys Flooring have to be flecked?

Car Guys Flooring should be flecked to provide a non-slip surface to the floor coating. The epoxy forms an extremely hard and smooth surface that can become slippery when wet. The colorful anti-slip fleck provides extra protection for your new garage flooring as well as a decorative finish.

After I mix the two chemicals, what is the working time with Car Guys Epoxy Flooring?

You will have around 30 minutes to work with the flooring once the two parts are mixed. In theory it should only take around 10-15 minutes to apply the flooring (per kit).

Do I really need to go through all this prep work?

Yes, the prep work is crucial to the proper installation of Car Guys Flooring. Areas that are not properly prepared will have bonding issues which may cause the epoxy coating to lift or peel. It is vital that your substrate have a rough, clean surface for the epoxy to adhere to. The prep work is the most important part of the entire application!

Does temperature affect the application of Car Guys epoxy garage floor finish?

Yes, extreme heat or cold can affect Car Guys Flooring during application. Car Guys Flooring uses a polymeric chemical reaction that will be accelerated by temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, causing the curing process to speed up and making the epoxy coating tacky and difficult to apply. Temperatures below 40F will cause the reaction to slow down, thereby increasing the cure time. If it is the warmer season apply the Car Guys Flooring early in the morning or late in the evening when temperature & humidity is at is lowest.

Does humidity affect the application of Car Guys epoxy garage floor finish?

Yes, humidity can affect the application process. High humidity can condense on the cooler concrete floor leaving a microscopic moisture barrier between the epoxy and the floor. Since the epoxy floor coating is not water soluble it may not penetrate this moisture barrier and therefore the bond between the epoxy and the floor may not be optimal. The Car Guys Flooring epoxy coating should be applied when the relative humidity is below 75% . If it is the warmer season apply the Car Guys Flooring early in the morning or late in the evening when temperature & humidity is at is lowest.

What is Car Guys Flooring Prep?

Car Guys Flooring Prep is an organic salt compound that is non-corrosive and helps in the adhesion process of the epoxy. Use before every application.

Do I need to dilute the prep with water?

Yes, dilute each quart of prep with 3 quarts of water.

What is Car Guys Flooring Fleck?

Our anti-slip fleck is a decorative acrylic coating chip and anti skid that is broadcast into the flooring at the time the epoxy is applied.