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Top Five Garage Must Haves

It’s not just a place to park your car anymore. The garage has become a hub - a multi-dimensional workhorse - to millions of people across the country. It’s a space saver, the place where you build things, repair things, a game room, and the pet’s lair. And, while a garage may serve different purposes for different times in our lives, there are some items that are essential to every garage no matter what. Here’s a list of the top five.

  1. Extra storage space: Whether it’s permanent cabinetry or removable shelving, every garage needs extra storage. We collect tons of stuff over time, and while it’s nice to imagine the day when we’ll finally sort through it all carefully labeling as we go it’s practical to have a place where we can just toss miscellaneous things for the interim. Plus, for those items that we actually plan on keeping (but there’s no way it’s “in the house” material), extra storage will provide the space and freedom to hang onto necessities.
  3. A workbench: From heavy-duty building projects to home repairs, a workbench provides an area of concentration to complete the job. Often made of oak, pine or another solid wood, these surfaces are tough multi-taskers that are designed to handle any project you can dish out. Generally nestled along a side wall of the garage, they are also easy to keep out of the way. Getting your hands on a workbench is pretty simple. For those super-duper craftsmen, you can build your own (there are many online tutorials with step-by-step instructions). Or, if you only want to build things post-table installation, visiting a local hardware store or searching online will direct you to the perfect workbench.
  5. Tool set: You might not be Bob Villa’s clone, but your garage should unquestionably house some sort of tool collection. Depending on your level of expertise and the tasks you plan to undertake, you can find a tool set with just basic equipment all the way up to the master tradesmen variety.
  7. First aid kit: With all of the potential accidents that can happen while working in the garage, safety should definitely be at the top of the priority list. Even if you never have occasion to open the kit, it’s wise to have one handy at all times. Though the contents of first aid kits can vary, most generally include 30+ items ranging from bandages to over-the-counter medicines. Remember to always keep the kit fully stocked.
  9. Epoxy coating: A good floor is the foundation to a great garage. The most durable type of garage floor is one that has an epoxy coating. Epoxy floor paint is a two-part material that bonds with surfaces creating a durable, impenetrable, slip-resistant surface. Purchasing epoxy flooring doesn’t require multiple trips to the store, provides traction, decorative color, easy cleaning and a safe surface for a family.