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Epoxy Garage Floor Fleck Adds Style Along with Anti-Slip Grip

Color SquareWhen deciding on the colors for your new epoxy garage floor, you may wonder why we offer optional fleck on our site. Not just for decorative purposes, these flecks are also a safety feature for our flooring, providing an anti-skid surface you will be able to walk on with confidence.

Because of an epoxy floor’s hard, smooth surface properties, a non-skid fleck is necessary to counter the slipperiness that can come when it gets wet, or if someone is crossing it at high speed or without the proper footwear. The fleck gives garage owners extra protection against slippage, and also takes away the necessity of applying a non-slip top coat.

With a choice of up to three colors of fleck, from basic white-on-white or black-on-black to a more adventurous confetti-like approach with greens, reds, and yellows, you can explore which color combination looks best for your home or business, and also experiment with how it will look with a low, medium, high, and very high fleck broadcast. Once you have chosen the right design to suit your needs you can place your order and get started on applying your new epoxy garage floor.

Included within our kit is a pair of spiked shoes to help you apply the non-skid fleck throughout the surface of your floor without marring the epoxy you have just rolled on. By using the broadcast method, projecting the flecks upwards with an underhanded toss, you will be able to achieve a uniform distribution of the flecks, making the entire area a safe and attractive workspace that will last long into the future.