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Car Guys High Gloss Epoxy Floor Coating Pictures

red epoxy floor White Epoxy Floor
Car on Red Garage Floor Multi-Color Epoxy Floor
Red and Gray Epoxy Floor
Photo Credit: Scott Kimmel

Photo Credit: Alan Loot

Photo Credit: Alan Loot

Photo Credit: Dr. Bucknell

Photo Credit: Steve Williams

Photo Credit: Steve Williams

Epoxy Flooring Fleck Examples (Fleck Optional)

Red Epoxy with Fleck Light Gray Epoxy with Fleck Dark Gray Epoxy with Fleck Blue Epoxy with Fleck

Red Epoxy Coating

Blue Epoxy Coating

Red Epoxy with Black Fleck Red Epoxy with White Fleck Dark Blue Epoxy with White Fleck

Black Epoxy Coating

White Epoxy Coating

Black Epoxy with Blue Fleck Black Epoxy with White Fleck White Epoxy with Black Fleck White Epoxy with Red Fleck