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Epoxy Coating Installation Guide

The experience that we’ve gathered through countless commercial and residential flooring installations has allowed us to design a DIY Epoxy Kit that make your garage flooring project run smoothly and worry-free.

You’ll find that once you have everything moved out of your garage, and the floor surface cleaned (swept or washed), the rest of the project will fly by.

The Epoxy Floor Coating Installation Process

Step 1: Scrub concrete floor with Car Guys Flooring Prep Floor surface preparation is done using Car Guys Flooring Prep (included in the kit, of course!) which is a non-corrosive, water dilutable, concrete-etching compound that will quickly remove excess mortar from the floor, leaving a good surface for the epoxy to adhere to. Mix 3 quarts of water per 1 quart of prep.

Step 2: Apply Car Guys epoxy floor coating Apply the Car Guys Flooring epoxy coating by mixing the two components together and apply to the concrete using a squeegee and or roller to spread out the epoxy floor coating. You must pour ENTIRE contents from pail onto the concrete to allow for proper curing time. 

Step 3: Add Car Guys Flooring Fleck Evenly apply the colorful, anti-skid fleck to desired areas by simply tossing the product into the air using an underhanded toss (this will make it easy to get even coverage). The fleck self-levels with the Car Guys Flooring epoxy.

That’s it! There’s no step 4 for a clear coat. We developed our kit so it was extremely high-gloss with a built-in UV inhibitor – all without the need for a clear coat that adds days onto the installation.

Download the epoxy paint application instructions