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Designing your Outdoor Living Space

One of the most popular trends in home decor in recent years has been the rise in fully-equipped backyard living and dining areas where families can enjoy not just the extra square footage, but also the pleasure of additional time in the fresh air and sunshine. Here are several key areas to focus on when creating your own outdoor oasis.

Lighting: In order to set the right mood and have adequate visibility during nighttime dinners and socializing you will want to look into the various lighting options available. Some of the most popular lights on the market today also have the benefit of using ‘green’ energy to power themselves. From solar lights that serve as table centerpieces to colorful LED rechargeable hanging lanterns, adding some of these small cordless accent lights to your outdoor room will guarantee an extra dose of ambiance.

Furnishings: When thinking about how to decorate your outdoor room, the key is versatility. Luckily designers have come up with outdoor furniture collections full of mix and match pieces that can adapt to any circumstance. Look for sectional sofas, stack-able end tables, and storage boxes that double as additional seating. Also, a selection of throw pillows in the latest seasonal colors can be added to keep your room current and inviting for years to come.

Heat: As the summer season winds down, extend your outdoor season with one of several heating options. From standalone gas and propane patio heaters to portable outdoor fireplaces and stoves, there are plenty of models to choose, and by placing them as an attractive centerpiece, you will create a warm gathering spot accessible to all.

Flooring: A great way to tie everything together in your new outdoor room is by applying an attractive durable epoxy coating to your outdoor cement or patio stone. Epoxy floor covering is an ideal choice because it offers a wide range of colors across the spectrum that can fit with any decor, and also contains a non-slip fleck that will lend traction during inclement weather. It’s also a choice that will resist staining and spillage, and can last several decades before requiring replacement. With an epoxy coating you can clearly delineate the measurements of your new outdoor room, and also employ attractive throw rugs to break up surface area without worry about them getting dirty or damaged by coming into contact with unfinished stonework.