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Creating a Play Room Out of Your Unfinished Basement

For parents looking for a way to keep the kids entertained this winter, a great option is to make use of the neglected space in an unfinished basement by creating a fun and functional play room. All it will take are some simple supplies and imagination, and you will soon be well on your way to extra square footage and hours of entertainment.

Flooring: One of the first things you will want to do is apply a durable epoxy coating to the concrete floor to seal it against moisture and create a clean, professional looking finish on which you can build your room. Epoxy floors are also a great choice in terms of safety, with non-skid fleck embedded within the surface, and light colors offering added reflectivity and brightness. In addition, the floor’s strength means it will be able to handle the regular wear and tear of enthusiastic foot traffic and any games and toys that may drag or roll across the floor. Once the area is coated, you can add in accent rugs to divide the space into different sections, or leave it open for added versatility.

Walls: Depending on your set-up, you may also wish to paint the basement walls to create a cleaner and more inviting atmosphere. Again, light colors are key to creating an impression of wide open space, and making the most use of limited indoor and outdoor light sources.

Lights:Often, basements are low ceilinged and lit with single bare bulbs, lending a cold, dark impression to the surrounding area. This is why paying proper attention to your lighting options can make all the difference between an uninviting underground cavern, or a bright warm room where youngsters will wish to play. Track and recessed lighting with full spectrum bulbs can add an aesthetically pleasing hue to the room, and choosing colored bulbs can also add a comforting sunlight-like hue. In addition, clear out any shrubs or greenery that may be impeding daylight from coming in from outside to increase the natural light available during the day.

Furnishings: Choose comfortable, casual furniture such as an overstuffed sectional sofa, bean bag chairs, and stackable side tables to create an area that will be easy to navigate and rearrange for different games and activities. In addition, seek out versatile table and chairs sets that can offer tabletop play along with a steady surface for activities. Around the perimeter, ensure there is adequate storage shelving space filled with board games and books, as well as chests with padded lids for toys and additional seating. Work with your children to find out what additional touches they may want in their new space to make them feel at home.