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Skip a Few Steps – You Have Our Permission

If you’re in the process of researching garage flooring products, comparing kits, and planning your installation, you’ve probably done searches on Google that have led you to some very comprehensive installation how-to guides.

Many of these guides, such as the one from ThisOldHouse.com are incredibly helpful and very well-produced. Although we’d never suggest that you not do your homework, we do want to go one the record as saying that it is a good idea to skip a few steps.

Let’s break down the ThisOldHouse.com how-to, and see how it relates to the Car Guys Flooring installation process:
  1. Prep and Wash the Area
  2. Etch the Floor
  3. Mix Up the Epoxy Paint
  4. Paint on the Epoxy
  5. Roll the Epoxy Paint
  6. Apply the Color Flakes
  7. Prepare the Top Coat
  8. Apply the Top Coat
Car Guys Flooring epoxy contains a built-in UV inhibitor that reduces the damage caused by the sun’s rays that eliminates the need for a separate top coating. Our 2-part epoxy provides a solid protective barrier with only one coat.

It seems like two simple steps, but having to allow the first coat to dry for 12 to 24 hours adds an extra day onto the installation, and that’s a big deal!
Let’s take a look at another install guide. This one is from FamilyHandyMan.com and is similar in regards to the steps that it suggests.

  1. Evaluate your garage floor
  2. Analyze the floor and weather
  3. Floor cleaning
  4. Etch the concrete with muriatic acid
  5. Choosing an epoxy
  6. Patch the cracks
  7. First coat of epoxy
  8. Second coat
Yep, same story. Choose an all-inclusive kit like Car Guy’s Flooring, and skip the last step that will add an extra day to your project.So go ahead! Pick your colors, and then skip a couple of steps during the installation. You have our permission!