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“Car Guys, first let me tell you that my garage floor turned out fantastic! Your products made my garage floor look like a showroom floor. Many thanks!”

- Douglass M

“Car Guys Flooring changed my life. I bought the Car Guys kit and a week later the box arrived via FedEx. Another week passes, as I am very hesitant to take the plunge and make the commitment. It appeared too simple: mix two pre-measured solution and then paint the floor.

In a life of many homes in different environments floors were always my bane. Any covering, be it carpet, tile, wood, paint, even linoleum, are expensive and most are pretty final.

Floors also labor intensive because you pretty much "live" on your floors; you sleep in a bed, you sit at your desk, you use your bathroom but all the time you are using the floor. One criterion for me has always been it must be easily cleaned. I have dogs, cats, birds, aquariums, rodents, and easy access to outside space. My floors always appear dirty even after I just clean them.

The support at CarGuysFlooring.com made me think otherwise so I took the plunge. I pushed the furniture to one side of the room, mixed the components, and poured it out onto the floor.

There is no time to be scared or apprehensive because, as the instructions remind you, at almost every step of the way that the product is designed to harden very quickly once you combine Part A with Part B. The 200 sq. ft. kit created the most fabulous 200 square feet I have ever known. The product filled in scratches and small holes and somehow seeks its own level as you move it along with one of the rollers they supply in the kit. It took about 15 minutes to spread out, another 24 hours to dry, and my floor is shiny, pristine, and looks like glass.

Do I like this product? When I complete this sentence, I will return to www.CarGuysFlooring.com to buy another kit.”

- Doug D

“Car Guys Flooring exceeded my expectations. I am the envy of the neighborhood! Car Guys: The power to make your garage shine like the top of the Chrysler Building.”

– Jeffery B

“I no longer fear oil, gas grease, transmission fluid or windshield washer leaks. I recommend Car Guys for anyone who uses their garage for work but still cares that it looks great.”

– Ken H

“I would like to thank Car Guys for all their advice regarding my color choice and the application process. I completed my garage floor this past weekend and it turned out fantastic! My garage is no longer a garage, it’s a showroom!”

– Lance L

“I’m VERY happy with my new Ford-blue garage floor! Please list me (and refer folks to me) as a West Michigan distributor/installer. I’m in Grandville, MI and ready to help people get a Car Guys floor stress free!”

– Jeff P

“Already I am considering my next order. Pardon my enthusiasm but Car Guys Flooring is everything you and the site claim but much more when you actually see it on your own floor. It is like having a shoddy, poor example of a surface, one that the carpet should cover (except it is ugly in itself and always looks dirty) suddenly turn into a sleek, clean, clear, vibrant surface that looks like glass and feels better.

It is stunning and I have only worked with beige, I look forward to working with red, white, blue(s), darker tans or brown, green…etc.

What is the most amazing is for such a difference to take place with so little effort and less clean-up.

The hardest thing was “walling off” areas for the dog and cat (and me). No, perhaps harder was looking at it after spreading it and thinking it cannot be dry. Nothing dry is that beautifully shiny and alive. NOTHING.

This morning I learned never say never because it is dry as the floor adjacent, untreated, except it is nothing short of stunning. My goal is to continue with various colors, making a large block effect, perhaps even sectioning off “living” from “eating” or “entertainment.”

For a really minimal amount of money, and less that in time, effort and clean-up, I cannot imagine why anyone with a large floor area would not first try Car Guys Flooring before anything else. If you do not like it, carpet. Or put wood floors in. But if you really want dramatic differences, in a matter of minutes (I spent more time with a calculator as I used your recipe to make batches) a really ugly and marred floor becomes a diamond.

The light reflects from the floor and thus creates an added enhancement as there is something “brighter” about living and the space.

Thank you for your patience and your support and thank anyone involved with this product. It is a miracle.”

- Doug

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