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Epoxy Flooring: The Gift of Durability and Function

For the home improvement aficionado, for the renovation procrastinator, for the DIY’er in the making nothing says “I’m thinking of you” like an epoxy floor. Seriously.

Every part of the house gets its beautification day except the garage. While people are willing to wade through aisle after aisle of two by fours and tricked out drills to redo a kitchen, the section dedicated to garage maintenance often gets overlooked.

That’s why at Car Guys Flooring, we’ve made it our business to provide the highest quality, one-stop shop for all things having to do with epoxy flooring. Instead of having to buy numerous doohickeys on various trips to the hardware store, we’ve made it simple to makeover a garage floor. Our DIY epoxy kit comes with every component necessary to complete the job along with a simple, three step installation process. For those who are short on time, but want brilliance and durability, Car Guys epoxy flooring might be the right gift to pass along.

In addition to our kit, we also have the necessary hardware to prepare and repair the floor prior to epoxy application ensuring that when given, the recipient can complete the task from start to finish with no hiccups.

When considering epoxy flooring as a renovation gift, durability is among the high points, but so is its artistic appeal. Once completely dry, the treated floor will present a high, glossy shine that is worthy of a showroom.

Best of all, even though applying our garage floor paint is a quick process, that doesn’t mean it has a short shelf-life. Once the epoxy is sealed, it typically stays fresh for about a year. As long as Part A and Part B of the compound are kept sealed in their separate containers, the epoxy doesn’t have to be used right away. This is great news for those gifting our Car Guys epoxy flooring kit because we all know home improvement plans can start off energized and fade quite rapidly. So, whether it’s inopportune weather or plain old avoidance that prevents immediate application, rest assured that when the garage floor’s time has finally arrived, our epoxy flooring kit will still be fresh and ready to go.