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Three More Quick Tips Before You Paint a Garage Floor

When applying an epoxy paint onto a garage floor for the first time, there are several things to be aware of before you start. Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind to ensure a smooth, even surface at the end of your project.
  1. Prep first, work fast: Once you have prepped your garage floor surface, ensuring that it is clean and free from contaminants that would stop the epoxy from adhering properly, it is important to work quickly in order to reduce the amount of dust and dirt that can blow in or be tracked in from outside. From bugs to leaves and lint, whatever is floating in the air in your workspace could potentially end up embedded in your floor, pocking the smooth surface and ruining the finish. The quicker you get the epoxy paint down and drying, the less likely you will be to run into trouble with airborne particles.
  3. Vacuum everything and wipe it down: Be sure to vacuum out every pit and hole you find in your floor to ensure that you are not merely coating over a layer of dust that will break away once the epoxy dries. Also, after washing your floor, be sure to dry out all of these pitted areas with a cloth so that you do not waste time waiting for them to dry out after the rest of your concrete surface is ready to go.
  5. Get tough with a brush: Untreated concrete is a material that is constantly deteriorating and breaking away, leaving a fine dust on its surface that must be removed. Be sure to give the garage floor a thorough scrubbing to make sure you get as much of this dust off before you attempt to paint the floor, ensuring a stronger bond upon application.