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Safety Tips for Your Home Workshop

Whether you’re a master craftsman or just getting started, when you are building your at-home workshop it’s important to keep safety at the forefront. From lighting to flooring, here are six key tips to help you get started.

  1. Get organized: Be sure to keep your area clean and clutter free by including organizational bins and drawers in your workspace. By ensuring that you are able to move freely, you will avoid the danger of tripping over unnoticed items, or injuring yourself due to distraction.
  2. Light it up: Make sure that you have heavy-duty lamps and bulbs installed within your work area to ensure proper lighting during your projects. It is dangerous to operate tools without having 100 percent visibility, and working in substandard light can also make for additional work if your measure incorrectly or saw in a crooked line.
  3. Use proper protection: It is important to use safety gear including goggles and gloves whenever necessary in order to protect yourself from accidental injury. All it takes is a metal fleck in the eye or splinter in the hand to do some real damage to your person.
  4. Use proper supports: Work on sturdy benches so that your raw materials are properly supported without the risk of shifting or falling. By ensuring your projects are stable, you will be able to safely focus on the tools and workmanship of each piece.
  5. Air it out: When working with chemicals, ensure that you have proper ventilation to keep fresh air flowing into your workspace. Even small painting and varnishing projects require adequate air flow so that you will not be overcome by dangerous fumes.
  6. Invest in durable flooring: Tie together your workspace with an epoxy floor finish, which has non-slip flecks embedded in its surface to protect you against slippage. In addition, by choosing a light color, the flooring’s reflective quality will increase your visibility by up to 300 percent, and make it easier to spot errant nails and debris.